Hi, I am Eva. I work hard to make web & your business a better place.

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Based in Prague, Czech Republic and the beautiful San Diego, California.


I specialize in designing, developing, upgrading and redesigning websites. Original responsive websites build from Photoshop mockups, WordPress websites, UI and anything that will promote your online presence and works to your advantage. Graphic Design is what I love to do....including branding, photo manipulation and correction. I am dedicated to helping startups and small businesses to grow and impressing my clients, so that they can impress theirs.

Web Design & Development

I create websites that not only look great and professional, but are also user friendly, functioning well and are screen adaptable to smart phones and tablets.

Brand Development

Brainstorming and finding the best creative solutions for your business. Graphic Design needs and branding are important, because there is nothing like first and lasting impression.

Additional Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, Email Marketing are essential for your recognition. WordPress training, website maintenance and troubleshooting also available.


Some of my recent and successful work.

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Latest project: A sign up contact form for automatic email collection through a Wi-Fi router.

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A Little Bit About My Background

The Designer @ CECreative

Eva Coleman

My design career begun in 2003 after years working as a computer drafter for electrical engineering company in Boston, Massachussetts. I always thought the choice of this new career was an excellent one, because I truly found myself in it and all work I do is very rewarding. I started out as an animated advertisement designer and over the past few years my focus has transitioned to Web Design. Building websites became my new passion although this journey isn’t always easy. From my teenage years, I immersed myself in painting and drawing, and still it has been a major part of my life. When I’m not working or learning new tech stuff, I love hiking, listening to the music, reading, dancing, workouts at the gym. Other hobbies include photography, apple products, traveling and skiing.


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